Top watchOS 3 Problems (So Far) & How to Fix Them


watchOS 3 not only brings exciting new features and improvements but also created some headaches for users as well. In this post, we will take a look at them all along with potential solutions.

Date Not Changing


Several users that have installed the watchOS 3 beta have noticed that the date on the Watch Face doesn’t update at all. It appears that the workaround is to reboot your watch which can be a major hassle. Restarting the watch for some users was futile, as it still did not change the date on the watch face.

One easy workaround for this problem is to switch your watch face. When you change the watch face to a different one, the date shows up automatically.

To switch to a different watch face:

  1. Press firmly on the screen that displays the time
  2. Swipe left or right to browse watch face options
  3. Tap “Customize to see possible complications and other options for each face
  4. Tap the face you want to use

watchOS 3 Install Stuck at 100%


Although the most common problem that we have seen around installing watchOS 3 is around the “Unable to update” error message, some users have also seen another hurdle. It appears that the installation process starts up and progresses smoothly. When it reaches 100%, it just gets stuck.

If you find yourself stuck with this problem, just restart your iPhone and then reset your watch. This will make your watch start up without any hiccups with the latest watchOS on it.

Cannot force quit an app on watchOS 3

Apple has made some changes in the new watchOS 3 interface. Earlier in watchOS 2 + versions, to force quit an active app, you had to press the favorite button twice to force quit. It appears that there is a change in how to force quit in the new version of watchOS.

To force quit an existing app, you will have to press the friends button first and when you see the confirmation message appear, press the crown button to force quit the app.

Stuck on Bootloop

Yup, this problem is so well-known that we made a separate article earlier today. What is a bootloop in Apple Watch? Just like any others, if your watch keeps on booting up and then shutting down, then no doubt you are stuck on bootloop.

Various methods such as unpair and force reset will get you through this problem.

watchOS 3 bricks Apple Watch

You saw it in iOS 9.3, and now you see it again on your Apple Watch. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do with this problem. I suggest downgrading back to watchOS 2.

Before you do that, keep in mind that you must send your watch to Apple because for now, the company handles that.



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  1. Dave July 10, 2016 at 12:06 pm

    I had a couple of worrying moments during install, it took more time than i was preparing for. At one point the install seemed to hang at 35past and was there for a good 20 mins.
    I remained positive and kept the charging cable connected! Tick Tock the time went by so slowly, my anxiety levels were increasing dramatically! A cup of tea later and some tense moments endured…… The update was complete! And its fantastic!

    Be patient, great things await!


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