How to Install Apple Watch Screensaver on Mac OS X


Are you currently in love with the Apple Watch faces because of its simplicity and wish to bring it to other Apple products as well just not your watch? Good news, there is a new screensaver for your Mac computer that was inspired by the Apple Watch faces.

Bringing the best part of your new shiny watch to OS X. We’ve created this OSX screensaver just for funs sake.

According to Apple, the company has put a lot of time into researching and making these faces. As a result, they came out beautifully designed and so minimal. Why only let something like that live on a small device? For iPhone and iPad users, they can already get Apple Watch-inspired features and interface through Cydia tweaks.

And now it is Mac’s turn.


How to Install Apple Watch Faces on Your Mac

Step 1: Head over Rasmus Nielsen’s website and download Watch OS X screensaver

Step 2: When done, press the Control button on your Mac and choose the Screensaver

Step 3: Press Open and do it one more time

The Apple Watch screensaver is now installed on your Mac OS X. The good thing about this piece of creation is that there are many colors and tons of faces to choose from.

Users are not put inside a box with only one option. To configure Watch OS X, all you have to do is click on Screen Saver Options, and you’ll be presented with a bunch of choices. The first one is called Model, which contain Simple, Chronograph, Normal, Utility, and X-LARGE.


Next of it is Color, which apparently lets you choose between the color palette for the screensaver.

With 80 different variations of watchfaces there is ton a possibilities for individualty and fun and simply no room to be boring.

What are you waiting for? Go get your Apple Watch faces for Mac OS X now.


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  1. Sam v April 12, 2016 at 5:40 am

    Very nice tip. Thank you.


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